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About Us

Alesta Mimari, a leading company with 26 years of experience in aluminum joinery and glass sliding systems. In 2023, we renovated our business as Alesta, focusing on extensive aluminum and glass systems production.

As the official agent for Albert Genau sliding glass systems, we have knowledge in crafting high-quality glass systems with precise aluminum profile assembly. Our collaboration with Albert Genau enhances our expertise, allowing us to undertake specialized projects in aluminum and glass facade systems.

We export disassembled glass sliding parts and aluminum profiles globally, offering technical assistance online or physically with our technical supervisor. Currently working with companies in Germany, Israel, and France, we take pride in our international presence.

Alesta Mimari specializes in siding and folding glass systems, automatic guillotine windows, horizontal sliding walls, veranda systems, and awning pergola systems. Our versatility extends to unique aluminum joinery projects.


Our Work

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