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A framed partition wall system is an excellent choice for creating spaces, dividing work areas (considering office needs), and partitioning sales areas. The system consists of easily installable modules that can be disassembled or repositioned as needed. Aluminum partitions are one of the most versatile partitioning systems, providing easy installation, disassembly, and repositioning when required. Aluminum partitions offer a stylish alternative with various finishes and styles, enhancing privacy. The use of waterproof doors and office partitions, along with the possibility of using advertising panels and signs, provides advantages such as interior wall decoration.

Aluminum Office System
Our office systems predominantly feature aluminum profiles as the composition, with remaining spaces filled with wood or glass materials.

Glass-to-Glass Office
In this type of office partition system, only the aluminum frame is present at points such as the floor-to-ceiling and door junctions. There are no seams along the partition wall distance, and the glass connects solely with glass. It can be produced as single or double glass.

Monoblock Office
Our office partition systems are prepared as monoblock panels during production, with each detail of the partition wall ready as monoblock panels. These panels, finished as monoblocks during production, are easily assembled in a modular fashion after being transferred to the site. The panels, prepared as monoblocks, can be chosen with different surface materials based on project requirements.
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