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Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Glazing System; is a remote-controlled, motorized, chained, movable handrail glazing system. The system can be used as a moving handrail system in hotel glazing, café glazing, restaurant glazing, balcony glazing, and stadium glazing etc. In Vertiflex, the automatic guillotine glazing system, there are many patented innovations such as ”Hand-Safe Profile” which is a specially designed profile to prevent jamming finger/ hand. The system can be manufactured with 8 mm - 10 mm tempered glass or heat insulated glass and offers the maximum heat insulation among guillotine glazing systems with its own unique solutions.

Why VertiFlex?

4 x 4 System

In the system, there are 4 balancing wheels. A system with 4 panels, can be made up to 4 meters high, 4 meters in width.

Giyotin Otomatik Cam Sistemi - 4*4 Sistem - Vertiflex Isıcam'lı Hareketli Küpeşte Giyotin Otomatik Cam Sistemi - Albert Genau Otomatik Giyotin Cam Sistemleri

SafeGuard Panel
Junction System


Special Albert Genau designed chain apparatus removes the problems due to breakage or stripping. The undermost panel is designed as unremovable, thus system provides safety against burglary.

Hand-Safe Profile

This special profile is designed for Vertiflex to prevent jamming finger/ hand in the system.

Tested & Approved by European Norms

Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Glazing System has been tested according to the norms stated by European Union in accredited institute.


  Water Permeability Test - watch now!

  Impact Resistance Test - watch now!

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