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We’ve renewed everything about the Veranda.

Albert Genau, the industry leader with more than 500 manufacturer dealers in 86 different countries around the world, has designed the new generation veranda.

We have different Veranda models, but which one?

Different Albert Genau Veranda models: Premium and Premium Plus

In the Premium Veranda model, the ceiling material can be 10 mm laminated glass or 16 mm polycarbonate sheet, while in the Premium Plus veranda model, the ceiling glass is 4+4+16+6 heat insulated. In this system, the glass is fixed to the carrier beam profile with a specially designed thermal barrier profile. Premium Plus veranda can be enclosed with heat insulated glass systems; therefore you can extend your veranda enjoyment throughout the seasons.


What Brand Is Your Veranda?

In the global market, verandas can be built by unbranded and random companies. Components such as profiles, components, lighting, and water drainage system are supplied by the implementing companies and are supplied far from the complementary approach. Be sure to ask the brand of your veranda before supplying.

Monoblock Gutter with Drainage Cell
Designed For Sealing

While the mono-block gutter with drainage cell provides full water drainage with its water drainage system in all kinds of rain, it is also resistant to heavy snow loads with its multi-cell mono-block design. The drainage cell ensures 100% application of the sliding-folding systems to be used when enclosing the veranda without damaging the insulation.

Ultimate Air Tightness
Dual Seal System

There is a 1+1 Dual Gasket System where the roof glazing or polycarbonate sheet meets the water gutter. Thus, double layer air insulation is provided in the system.

100% Integrated with
Our Veranda Systems and Covering Products

You can enclose Albert Genau Verandas with sliding systems or automatic guillotine glass systems. Since the veranda models were designed 100% integrated with these systems, there is no problem during installation. Thus, all systems are completely guaranteed by Albert Genau.

Ambiance Lighting
Which Mode Are You in?

Light, Dark, Romantic... Decide on your own...

Led technology ambiance lighting is used in the lighting of our verandas. You can adjust the light level and brightness you want with Dimer. You can make it full brightness when your guests arrive, or you can turn it to dim brightness when you are reading a book. It is completely your choice...

**Completely Optional.

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Designed for Snow Loads
Reinforcement Profile

There is a reinforcement profile designed to be placed inside the veranda carrier roof beam profiles in cases where climatic conditions are harsh and snow loads are above normal conditions. This profile is optional and is used if there is a technical requirement.

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Patented Extra Stiff Gutter
Tensioning System

The patented extra stiff gutter tensioning system makes the veranda more resilient in climatic conditions such as snowfall, storms, etc., as it integrates the gutter profile, which is one of the main load-bearing elements of the veranda. An Albert Genau invention!

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Water Tight - With Leaf Holder
Drainage System

The veranda can be used in all climates without any problems and depends primarily on the waterproofing and drainage system. The veranda drainage system designed by Albert Genau starts with a leaf catcher, continues with drainage pipes and ends with a drainage cover.

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Hidden Leg
Connection Kist

The legs of Albert Genau Veranda systems are securely connected to the ground with hidden connection legs. Since the legs are hidden, the system is not visible from the outside and a stylish appearance is provided.

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Patented Micro-Window System with Increased Transparency

Albert Genau's patented micro window system is used to cover the veranda and roof slope. This provides up to 57% increased transparency compared to its counterparts.

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Laser Surface

The side bearing beams of the veranda system and the roof material covering profiles meet on the same axis. There is no elevation difference. From the outside, you cannot understand how the two materials are joined.

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The paints used in veranda systems are QualiCoat certified, hard-to-contaminate, easy-to-clean, soft-touch paints.

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Double layer waterproofing with Izoflex wall insulation membrane.

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125*125 reinforced foot.

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55*95 Robust Beam

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Guaranteed waterproofing with self-sealing screws

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