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VertiflexUp, Automatic Guillotine System 
It's time to Slide Up, then Free Pass!

VertiflexUp is a remote-controlled, motorized, chained, movable glazing system that is folded up and provides a free pass in your living area!      


Brake Mechanism!

A possible actuator failure or a problem in the power transmission element has been solved with the anti-falling brake mechanism, unlike other systems.

This mechanism has been developed to prevent the glass panels from falling on the ones passing under the system.


Thanks to the Free Pass, Vertiflex Up has extensive application areas!

Whenever the system works, it provides to freely move under the panels!

What a separator between two sides!

VertiflexUp can be applied to many different usage areas, such as

HoReCa glazing,
swimming pool,
shopping mall glazing
showroom glazing,
garage glazing,
 stadium glazing,
under patio glazing,

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